Armando Lucero heading Magical Renditions in the Spirit of Performance Art


Las Vegas

Pasteboard Devices
Coin Menagerie
Both; PD and CM
The Annex

Not Scheduled
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Blue Queen

Pasteboard Devices
$1400 : reserve with 25%

king of hearts

Coin Menagerie
$3500 : reserve with 25%

king of heartsBlue Queen

$4900 : reserve with 25%

eye of spades

The Annex
$2800 : four days

For alumni only

Annex to both Pasteboard Devices and Coin Menagerie together for four days in Las Vegas.

Currently not Scheduled
for Las Vegas

Metal Quirks & Paper Cuts

However, enrollment is still available as a one2one iWorkshop at Workshops.

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