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In Las Vegas or by internet.

Go to Las Vegas for a group workshop when one becomes available, or take a one2one iWorkshop by internet now. Each has different advantages. Though nothing can replace experiencing it in person, one2one iWorkshops by internet offer tailored scheduling with time in between to absorb the information, the convenience of home, and the personalized guidance given by Armando; so just you and him.

4 of spades

Metal Quirks


Delivered as five one2one iWorkshop sessions over the internet. This workshop will revert to the normal price of $1400 for six sessions at the end of August or after the first 20 people to sign up, whichever comes first.

A study of perceptual engineering using three coins; two silver dollars and one odd coin. This is Armando's original variation of the classic coins across routine. Open by vanishing a coin from spectators hand, then perform phase one with three iterations. Interlude with a coin appearing in viewers hand, then perform phase two with three iterations. Finally, perform a one to two coin transposition between your hand and the spectator's hand.

Metal Quirks was specifically designed as an accessible introduction to theory and composition. It may also serve as an excellent primer to prepare for Coin Menagerie. Pre-requisites: none, no prior workshop required.

Calendar Plan

5 separate days, 1 hour per session. At least one to two sessions per week. Expected completion within 3 to 5 weeks.


Dates and time are planned after deposit, and a meet and greet session is scheduled to test equipment before officially starting.

Time Preference

Hours of choice are between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM, Las Vegas time. Check your timezone here: Time Zone.

Method of Communication

Confirm Metal Quirks iWorkshop Now

Blue Queen

Pasteboard Devices
$1400 : reserve with 25%

The lesson and notes reveal and instruct two special sleights along with some tangentially related artifices. Participants have the opportunity to witness Armando demonstrating them within original compositions of legerdemain; Divination Gone, Betwixt Me, Inscrutable Pocket, Empanada, and others. These routines can then be performed as a show or individually.

king of hearts

Coin Menagerie
$3500 : reserve with 25%

A comprehensive study of perceptual engineering with four coins and four cards. Coin Menagerie is considered to be Armando’s quintessential work in magic. While skill is certainly important, the main focus is on theory, composition, and the underlying philosophy. This piece may serve as a template to anchor all important concepts so that long after the workshop is over one can reflect upon them later.

king of heartsBlue Queen

$4900 : reserve with 25%

Pasteboard Devices & Coin Menagerie

eye of spades

Paper Cuts
$1400 : reserve with 25%

A personalized study of essential card sleights such as double-lifts, false shuffles, shifts, steals, visual changes, switches, palming, etcetera. Begin with basics and progress to the more challenging sleights. You may also prepare with the Paper Cuts Primer.

In addition, studies on essential card sleights do not require a non-disclosure agreement whereas all other workshops do.

eye of spades

The Annex
$255/session : six for $1400

Refine & Enhance

Extended courses are available for each workshop as a continuation in theory & composition. Use it to advance your knowledge and skill, or to simply refresh it. Consider it as the graduate studies program of this humble university, but minus the bureaucratic paper chase. Hence; the goal is to achieve mastery.

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